People were walking briskly in posh type of clothing, driven to achieve their goals for the day. High-rise contemporary buildings can be seen everywhere. Buses and cars were hooting loudly on the roads. There were streets of up-market stores, smooth blue-black and glass exteriors with fancy names in fancier lettering and decor.

We strolled around the town, took pictures and caught up with each other’s lives. The three of us don’t talk much at school or see often anymore just like the old times, since we were all became busy. Defense week is fast approaching that’s why we are pushing a bit harder in conducting our thesis, separately. Being with them again was a relief and I really do admit I had a great time with them.

The sun went down and the stars came out, we took our dinner at Café Barbera – The Italian Coffee House. The setting of the restaurant was spacious, sophisticated, and well-furnished. Coffee brown and walnut furnitures, dim lighting, country-style hard wooden tables and leather chairs—everything was cozy about the place. Plus, the timbre of the music was mellow which I really like because I’m not a fan of loud sorts. I ordered Chocolate Milkshake and Shrimp Pasta. The Shrimp Pasta was delicious—at first. Because after I was exposed to it for too long, nakakaumay na sya. I wasn’t able to finish it kahit na paborito ko ang pasta. It’s because of the sauce, it was too salty and sour. I couldn’t taste the shrimps and other constituents anymore. That dish was kind of pricey but sadly, it doesn’t justify the taste. But I enjoyed their Chocolate Milkshake. It was thick, frosty and very satisfying. The staffs were also kind and the service they provide was outstanding.

And that’s it. :))

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