Topside Diner

I woke up this morning around 7am, looking forward to have a great day to start the week. I put my glasses on, opened my phone and checked my messages — the usual things I do after waking up. I read and replied all the messages sent to me and laid on my bed, hugged my pillow for a couple of minutes. The cold weather got me extremely lazy this morning.

Then, I received another message. It’s from Vivien, inviting us to hangout before our 4pm consultation with our thesis adviser. Despite of the bad weather, I was abruptly got energized because we will visit Topside Diner! I saw it from Facebook last week and find it interesting. So, I rescheduled my plans for the day and went straight to shower.

It’s already past 12 noon when the three of us — Marilyn, Vivien and I — met around Vito Cruz. Under a gravel-grey sky, we walked on wet and busy streets. Fortunately, we didn’t have a hard time finding Topside Diner (thanks to google map!).

The facade of the restaurant is small. Mukha syang masikip. Then we’ve realized that it’s a two-storey restaurant. First floor is where you’ll place your order. You can easily see their menu on a green board posted on the wall near the counter. On the other hand, second floor is for dining in. There are scores of wooden tables and chairs up there but I’m not that comfortable because the space was narrow. Maliit lang talaga yung lugar.

We hesitated to dine in the moment we got there because it was too hot inside and the place was small and very crowded. We were sweating a lot. But, we didn’t have other options where to eat and our stomachs were already growling. So, we all agreed to try their menu.

My ultimate suggestion to the owner; please put more air conditioner!

But I love that the restaurant is mostly painted with dull-white and sea color. Plus, the warm lighting enhances its nautical appeal and the music they play is up to date. It’s obvious that the overall interior design of Topside Diner is cruise-themed, which I think unique. The restaurant will surely give you a cool summery feeling even if it’s raining season.

Now, let’s talk about their mouth-watering chicken — it’s so delicious! We ordered different flavors; Garlic Parma, Buffalo, and Sweet Chili. Sweet Chili flavor is what I loved the most because the blend of its sweetness and spiciness was perfect. No need for sauce or gravy. I love spicy food and this dish meets the level of spiciness that I wanted my chicken to be. This one will surely make you crave for more after you’ve tasted it. Babalikan ko talaga to! Another thing I like; their tropical drink. It looked like a Bob Marley drink. The different colors of layers were gratifying and the mixed flavor of it — sweet and sour — was revitalizing. The fries and nachos were also luscious tho’ there’s nothing so remarkable about it. Thin plastic gloves were provided so you can enjoy eating your food using your hands.

The staffs are also nice and the prices are very student friendly, no wonder why majority of their customers are students. So, if you are on a tight budget and want to eat in a cozy and Instagram worthy place, Topside Diner is for you.

I’ll rate it 7/10.

I highly recommend this restaurant. You can check their website for more details. :))

That’s it. To end this blog, here’s our captured moment in Topside Diner.

2019-07-15 11.09.00 1.jpg

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