Life Lately

Today, 9th day of January, I decided to compose a blog about my life lately as I’m having this, uhh, not-so-tasty spaghetti I made right after I woke up this early morning. I’m a bit disappointed of how salty it tasted. Maybe because I added too much seasoning on it or maybe because I used spam instead of hotdogs or maybe, ugh, whatever. I’m done sharing my bad cooking. Let’s do and finish this entry.

Hello guys! Kamusta? How’s your 2019 so far? If you have notice, I didn’t blog for a very long time. I can’t even remember the last time I posted a blog. But gladly, here I am now, making my very first blog this year.

Just in case you’re wondering why I stopped myself from blogging recently, here’s the answer: my boyfriend wouldn’t let me write. I completely understand why he didn’t want me to blog, he’s just concern about my privacy and doesn’t want bunch of strangers read about what’s going on in my life. Can’t blame him. But can’t blame me either because this is my thing; inspiring other people the way I was/am been inspired by many bloggers. D’you get me? Anyway, I still love him. 💕

So I would like to share random stuffs that came off in my life lately. Starting off with…


1. College life. I survived the entire semester. Cheers to that! About my journalism stuffs, well, I became the editor-in-chief in our school publication. But unfortunately I didn’t able to do my job well because I was not ready for that position in the first place.

Thanks to these amazing people for making my college life more memorable.

2. Two-week vacation in my hometown. So much had happened to me there. Once again, I joined the interbatch and went to batch night. I literally partied till midnight which had caused me and my boyfriend a small fight. I hope he’s not having a hard time dealing my stubbornness, but I doubt that. Hahaha. Honestly, I’m so lucky and blessed to have a very understanding and forgiving man beside me. Moving on, aside from that party stuffs, I enjoyed my time relaxing at home by watching movies and playing with my dog, Korn. Also, I had a lot of fun under the sun while seeing the beauty of the ocean.

Love the salty air on my face!

Another photo of me on a boat ride. Can’t stop laughing because I was scared af.

3. Love life. He’s the reason why my life became worth living. To the world’s best person, I love you so much! Long hugs and kisses to you, babe. 😘

He’s so cute, di ba? Hahahaha.

So that would be it. Looking forward for more adventures this year. Happy new year everyone! 🎉

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