Last year, 29th day of December, I stayed in Romblon, Romblon for six days. Here’s the truth, I was indecisive back then. V-e-r-y indecisive. I went to a family doctor that month with my mom because the pain in my back was severe and it was no longer tolerable. The pain went so bad to … Continue reading Romblon


She opens her eyes It's hollow yet still nice Heavy rain pours Freezing wind blows No more sunny days Can’t find better ways.   Clothes are shabby Shoes are ratty Gazing at the broken goblet Crying with an empty pocket Tangled and frizzy hair It's too much to bear.   That's a catch-22 What's a … Continue reading Catch-22


People were walking briskly in posh type of clothing, driven to achieve their goals for the day. High-rise contemporary buildings can be seen everywhere. Buses and cars were hooting loudly on the roads. There were streets of up-market stores, smooth blue-black and glass exteriors with fancy names in fancier lettering and decor. We strolled around … Continue reading BGC


It’s quarter past five in the afternoon and I’m still not in a happy mood. I just spent my day reading One of Us Is Lying and been thinking who’s behind Simon’s death. I’m halfway through the book; yet still; don’t have the idea who’s the murderer. Anyway, reading actually keeps me from going insane. … Continue reading Reality


I'm lying on my bed right now—thinking how miserable girlfriend I was—these past few weeks. I made wrong decisions. I followed other people’s opinion, I ignored his feelings and forced him to do things he doesn't like. Those hurtful and offending words I said to his face were too much. I was completely lost with … Continue reading ILYSB