23rd Birthday

I couldn’t figure out what to do next in life. Technically, I had plans before, it was a fine plan. But the pandemic and the incompetency of the government ruined it. It was funny, you know? I had this feeling of certainty last year that this year was going to be a year of productivity. I thought I had it all … Continue reading 23rd Birthday

Life Mood

Months ago, I got too stressed out and down in the dumps. I guess it’s because I had no one to talk to in person for so long and my thoughts almost consumed me. I got so anxious, had troubles in sleeping at night. It was so hard to get up and face the day … Continue reading Life Mood

Two Years

We have differences, we also argue. He's so not into outdoor activities, unlike me. In fact, I tease him, calling him 'lolo babe', because the way he thinks is like a typical grandfather. He's a certified 'taong bahay', very conservative and doesn't like socializing. I encouraged him—countless times—to be more outgoing but it didn't work … Continue reading Two Years


Last year, 29th day of December, I stayed in Romblon, Romblon for six days. Here’s the truth, I was indecisive back then. V-e-r-y indecisive. I went to a family doctor that month with Regine and my mom because the pain in my back was severe and it was no longer tolerable. The pain went so … Continue reading Romblon


We strolled around the town, took pictures and caught up with each other's lives. The three of us don’t talk much at school or see often anymore just like the old times, since we were all became busy. Defense week is fast approaching that’s why we are pushing a bit harder in conducting our thesis, … Continue reading BGC


It’s quarter past five in the afternoon and I’m still not in a happy mood. I just spent my day reading One of Us Is Lying and been thinking who’s behind Simon’s death. I’m halfway through the book; yet still; don’t have the idea who’s the murderer. Anyway, reading actually keeps me from going insane. … Continue reading Reality


I'm lying on my bed right now—thinking how miserable girlfriend I was—these past few weeks. I made wrong decisions. I followed other people’s opinion, I ignored his feelings and forced him to do things he doesn't like. Those hurtful and offending words I said to his face were too much. I was completely lost with … Continue reading ILYSB